You have to know when to delegate down so you can rise up. Our concierge services are structured to offer you that opportunity by nurturing and catering to your every need — meetings and events, conventions, private events, group events and journeys, etc.; we can coordinate from meeting location, registration, hotel stays, transportation with drivers, vans, and limousines, to hospitality, event, and valet services.

Plus so much more: courier, clerical support, organizational personnel, personal shopping, house sitting. The list is literally too long.

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Since we’re quoting the great minds of our time, we should note that famed New York Yankees catcher Yogi Berra, known for his unintended malapropisms, told us years ago that “If you don’t know where you are going, you will end up someplace else.”

That is precisely why we meticulously plan and cater to your events with utmost attention to detail, not just to where you want to go with your event, but how you’re going to get it there.

Plan your next event, meeting, or convention at VIP Events Planner, offering a full range of meeting facilities for your next conference, business meeting, or private event.

We will help you to create an amazing event for your attendees, that will never forget.!

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Edgar Allan Poe once said, “If thou seekest ElDorado thou must ride, boldly ride, over the Mountains of the Moon, through the Valley of the Shadow…”

How many times have we not looked back upon our lives and regretted not taking the path less traveled in search of our own personal El Dorado? We help you look for it again.

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VIP Events Planner

VIP Events Planner does not believe in finding customers for our products, but in researching, discovering and crafting top-quality products for our customers –whether it be for our worldwide concierge services, or the events that we plan on your behalf or those exquisite travel packages over the Mountains of the Moon and through the Valley of the Shadows that our friend Poe used to talk about.

We are relentlessly refining our skills and knowledge in all areas to offer you a sophisticated team of unique individuals that are committed to your cause. All of them are paranoid to one degree or another.

They believe they will deliver their best results by worrying over every little detail until maximum perfection has been achieved in their respective responsibilities.

We have a secret weapon that enables us to achieve such maximum efficiency: Open and honest feedback between VIP Events Planner and our customers.

At VIP Events Planner, we wake up every morning anticipating that something great will happen today. Then, we make it happen.

We imagine that with all the power of our minds. We believe in that with all the power of our hearts. And we achieve that with all the might that out team brings to bear.

In brief, we make our customers the heroes of their own stories. And we love it.

So, come and give us a try. You might be surprised.

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